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Greetings !!

My name is Fernando Rueda. I am a native of El Paso, Texas. I have been programming as a hobby since I was in elementary school. I worked as an electronic technician for many years while working on my bachelors degree. Some of the companies I worked for include the United States Air Force and Intel. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Computer Science in 2006. Not long after graduating, I went to work for the Navy's weapons development lab in the Californian high desert. However, I decided not to pursue that career path and I returned to El Paso. Since I have always had the ambition of working for myself, I have started this software company. I hope to develop applications for the G-Phone at first since I already have all the tools. In the future I hope to create applications for the I-Phone.

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Made March 10, 2009
by Fernando Rueda.